About Us

We believe every ‘thing’ has a story worth to tell. We apply this value, which is one of the main factors that make communication permanent, with the right timing, planning and content management by using the latest technologies that meet the needs of the sector.

ICM Turkey analyzes the creative ideas it produces for the digital media by combining them with the latest technology and converts them into smart and original contents by finding the right partners for the brand in all channels.

ICM Turkey produces original content for many well-established brands on digital platforms. Contents produced independently of the media is also implemented and reported literally in the same way of media standards.

We analyze the needs of our brands with the Hyperiser application developed within the scope of ICM Turkey, and plan together with the right partners and content for the right targets.

ICM Turkey, which has accomplished key projects with many brands since its establishment, continues its journey by adding brand-new experiences to its existing knowledge.

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