Among thousands of influential people, which one can rise a hype for your brand?
Discover with Hyperiser! Your complete guide for the influencer ecosystem.

What Makes Hyperiser Exciting?

Machine Learning Meets Human Intuition
We combine our knowledge in influencer marketing with machine learning and use the power of algorithms to find your ideal target audience. We call it hybrid data analytics!

Hyperiser Plans Depending On Your Needs

Influencer Search

Search among thousands of influencers by age, gender, impact power (micro, macro or mega influencers), label and category.

Detailed Demographics

Find out age and gender breakdown of followers.

Follower Count

Find out the accurate and exact numbers of followers of your selected influencer, and the profile of their followers in terms of their interest, geographic location, socio-economic status, etc.


Calculate reach, see how many people they impact.

Engagement Score

Learn which influencer creates more engagement.


Add depth to analyses with Hyperiser’s custom-made quality score. An algorithm which calculates engagement rate, reach, post frequency and positive reactions.

Multi-Platform Data

Hyperiser Pro users access a multi-platform database enabling them to analyze influencers’ presence in different social platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Clubhouse and newly launched Podcast.

Targeted Analysis

Create your target by selecting demography and keywords, or pick among the most preferred ready-to-use targets to filter influencers.

Competitive Analysis

Check if the influencers has partnered with any of your competition. Inspect what the influencer has promoted recently.

Cross Analysis

Analyze the similarity rate of followers among influencers according to their interests & demographics.

Create Campaign Scenarios

Optimize your alternative influencer lists for your campaign with Hyperiser Lists option. Mix & match influencers within your lists.

Post Analysis

Get the performance of your chosen influencers’ last 12 posts as a snap report.

KPI-Based Brand Scores

Add KPI-based brand scores to your dashboard, track specific parameters according to your strategy.

Campaign Wizard

Create campaign scenarios and optimize them.

Quarterly Hyper Insight Reports

Get access to periodic insight reports regarding your industry.